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Many of our patients–especially those who have never undergone a surgical procedure before–come to us with questions about anesthesia. When is general anesthesia used? How safe is it? What will I experience? How long will I be “under”? What will it feel like when I come out of the anesthesia? At Vinings Surgery Center, general anesthesia is used for all invasive procedures. It is very safe, and it allows Dr. Colgrove to work quickly and precisely because the patient lies completely still. It also makes the experience a better one for patients, since most are unaccustomed to the sights and sounds of surgery, and they may be unsettling if they are awake and under local anesthesia.

Local anesthesia and IV sedation allow the patient to stay awake during the procedure. However, the medications used in local anesthesia and IV sedation actually cause more hangover effects than the inhalation agents used in general anesthesia. Contrary to popular perception, the inhalation agents have a very low incidence of nausea and vomiting.

A dedicated, licensed and certified anesthesia professional attends to the details of the anesthesia while Dr. Colgrove operates. The team works together to ensure that all goes smoothly for each patient, with an optimum outcome for the procedure. As always, we welcome any questions you have about any procedure you’re considering; please feel free to give us a call at 770-955-9000.

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