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Whether you lack volume due to underdevelopment, pregnancy, weight loss or age, Atlanta Breast Surgeon Dr. Robert Colgrove can offer a solution.

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    Breast Augmentation Services

    Our Comprehensive 
Breast Augmentation Services

    We’re here to guide you through a personalized journey that celebrates your uniqueness and helps you achieve the results you’ve always dreamed of.

    Personalized Consultation

    Your journey begins with an in-depth consultation. Our skilled surgeons will listen to your goals, preferences, and concerns, working collaboratively to develop a customized plan that aligns with your expectations and body type.

    Implant Selection Expertise

    We offer a variety of implant options, including saline and silicone implants in various shapes and profiles. With expert guidance from our surgeons, you can confidently choose the implants that suit your goals while ensuring they harmonize with your natural proportions.

    Comfortable and Swift Recovery

    We are committed to providing a comfortable and efficient recovery process. You will receive detailed post-operative care instructions, empowering you to heal quickly and with minimal discomfort, ensuring a smooth transition to your new self.


    Breast Augmentation:
    Before and After

    Whether it’s breast augmentation, breast augmentation with a breast lift, a breast lift, breast reduction, or a male breast reduction, our team at Vinings Surgery Center is well-versed in the wants and needs of our breast plastic surgery patients. Interested in seeing what breast plastic surgery looks like pre- and post-surgery? Take a glance at some of our breast plastic surgery before and after photos.



    We provide a wide range of breast augmentation options, including implant choices, such as saline and silicone implants, along with different shapes and profiles. Our surgeon will help you determine the best approach to achieve your desired results.

    The duration of a breast augmentation procedure can vary based on individual factors, but it usually takes around one to two hours. Our surgeon will provide you with a more precise estimate during your consultation.

    Vinings Surgery boasts a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in breast augmentation procedures. Our experts have successfully performed numerous surgeries, tailoring each to meet the unique needs of our patients.

    We prioritize a comfortable and swift recovery for our patients. Detailed post-operative care instructions will be provided to assist you in healing quickly and with minimal discomfort, ensuring a smooth transition to your new self.

    During your personalized consultation, our experienced surgeons will assess your goals and recommend implant sizes that align with your body proportions, taking into account your desired outcome and natural appearance.

    Breast augmentation is generally considered safe when performed by an experienced surgeon in a reputable facility like Vinings Surgery. As with any surgery, there are potential risks, which will be thoroughly discussed during your consultation.


    Patient Reviews

    Choosing Vinings Surgery for my breast augmentation was the best decision. The surgeons’ expertise and the caring team made my journey smooth and the results are stunning.

    Vinings Surgery’s breast augmentation procedure was a life-changing experience. The caring team and the incredible results have given me a renewed sense of self-confidence.

    I’m thrilled with the results of my breast augmentation at Vinings Surgery. The surgeons’ expertise and the supportive atmosphere made the journey exceptionally smooth.