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The breasts are an important aspect of the female body, and can be a concern if they’re present in the male body from an overproduction of tissue. We know that your breasts are an essential part of your life, from the way you feel wearing clothing (male and female alike), to how children are fed, and can be responsible for some back pain. Depending on where you fall into these categories, you will require a different type of breast augmentation, enhancement or reduction procedures.

We offer everything from breast implants to enhance the size and positioning of the breast, breast augmentation for shaping and contouring, breast reduction to reduce the size of larger breasts, and breast lift to bring your breasts back to their youthful position.

We also offer a gynecomastia procedure to help reduce the excess tissue around the pectoral area for men. Many men experience this difficult issue and we, at Vinings Surgery Center, can help to remove this burden. You no longer need to hide behind baggy sweatshirts!

Breast Procedures

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