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RealSelf Patient Reviews of Robert Colgrove, Jr., MD

Vickie Lacy

“Not only am I a salon owner, but I also have twin daughters, and between them and the young girls on my staff, I am constantly striving to keep up my image of being edgy and trendy. I was exercising regularly, but I still felt that there was room to reach my body’s full potential. Thanks to Dr. Colgrove and Vinings Surgery Center, I now walk with confidence because I know that I look as young as I feel.”

Angela Bell

“When I decided to give myself a gift of grade “A” health through proper nutrition and vigorous exercise, it didn’t take long for me to realize my new and improved physique. It was obvious that I was shedding inches rapidly in both the undesirable areas as well as the desirable areas of my body. My figure was off-balance. Choosing Dr. Colgrove and Vinings Surgery Center was one of the best gifts I could have given myself to complement my healthy lifestyle. I’ve always loved myself 100%, but now I love the way I look 200%.”

Stephanie B.

“I’ve always been a confident girl, but I had some mild insecurities. I grew up playing sports and always felt and looked like a tomboy. Now, since my surgeries with Dr. Colgrove, I feel very feminine and womanly. Before my rhinoplasty, my nose was always the first feature I would notice in pictures. Now I feel comfortable being seen from any angle. My self-confidence certainly has been enhanced since my surgeries with Dr. Colgrove, and I would recommend him to anyone!”

  • Rhinoplasty & Cost $3,000 – $7,000 (restrictions may apply)

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