ARTAS vs NeoGraft

ARTAS vs NeoGraftARTAS vs NeoGraft Hair Restoration

In recent years, robots and robotic assistants are becoming more and more common for medical and surgical procedures – especially for hair loss treatment. Robots are now able to perform highly delicate procedures and operations that a human hand cannot match. Robots provide repeatable results, predictable and ultimately free of human error.  The ARTAS System is a pioneer in the field of robotic hair treatments and was developed with the help of leading hair transplant researchers and physicians. The robot precisely takes graft dissections and places them where they are needed to be, with advanced speed and precision.

NeoGraft system

A competitor to ARTAS is the NeoGraft system. The biggest difference between the two is how they are used. NeoGraft is a handheld device, whereas ARTAS is a fully robotic device that operates via computer programming. Both systems use Follicular-Unit Excision (FUE), which essentially allows the systems to take hair follicles from the patient’s donor area without needing to make any incisions, thereby avoiding scar lines. The most obvious downfall of the NeoGraft system is that involves using a hand-held device and dependent on the surgeon or technician’s skill level. This creates lots of room for human error. This kind of system places a lot of trust in the surgeon or technician’s hands and may not always be advisable. The entire process of taking grafts from the patient and using them in hair transplant/regrowth treatment can take up to a full day, depending on the patient, since the operator of the NeoGraft device may need to take thousands of grafts. It’s important to note that the NeoGraft device should be used by a surgeon, but most importantly, supervised by a technician, to avoid poor graft harvesting.

ARTAS system

The fully robotic ARTAS system, on the other hand, also assists doctors and surgeons in hair transplant procedures but with increased accuracy and precision. The ARTAS system replaces the need for a human hand to operate the device and performs dissection of hair follicles while noting recipient sites all by itself. The system is programmed and runs from the input of the doctor/surgeon.  The ARTAS system, on average, can perform up to 1,000 skin grafts per hour which makes it much faster than the NeoGraft, handheld system. The system does not fall victim to a human’s hand getting fatigued. Since the system acts as the human hand and is fully robotic, there is less room for error and more room for precision and effective hair transplant treatment.

While both systems are minimally invasive and leave no scars, there are some clear advantages of the ARTAS system. The ARTAS system provides faster healing times, more consistent grafts, and less room for human error.

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