Fat Grafting

Fat GraftingFat Grafting

There are many reasons as to why our bodies are more or less likely to gain fatty tissues in certain areas. Some people hold the weight at their midsection, others in their hips and buttocks, while some in the arms, breasts and chin area. No matter where you tend to hold or aggregate fatty deposits, it may be difficult to slim down or naturally build volume in the spots that are lacking. Fortunately for our patients at Vinings Surgery Center, we offer fat grafting procedures to help redistribute this fat you find in excess to other places. Many patients don’t realize that the fat taken from liposuction can be used to contour their body into their unique and ideal form.

Fat can be removed on various areas that tend to hold commonly excess fat, which are the thighs, abdominal area, under the arms, under the chin, cheeks, neck, back, buttocks and breasts. We initially meet with our patients to discuss which areas they find disproportionate to their ideal shape and then make suggestions on the technique of transfer we would recommend during these procedures. Aging changes the structure of our tissues, especially the amount of volume we see in the face, hands and breasts. Instead of feeling defeated by Father Time and allowing our skin to remain deflated or asymmetrical, there’s something we can do now to get our body back into shape.

Our Fat Grafting Procedures

Breast Augmentation

For our patients that want to boost volume in their breasts, we offer breast augmentation with fat grafting to naturally increase volume without added recovery time or incision scarring. Women love this procedure because we can reshape and improve the look of breasts by just inserting fat into areas that have begun to sag. The breasts look completely natural with this procedure and feel just like they normally do except with added volume. These results will not look overdone.

Face and Lips

It often is the case that loose skin in the face is due to a reduction in fatty tissues and weak muscle structure below the skin and adipose cells. We find that bags under the eyes can be reduced and transferred to other areas of the face. When the cheeks sink in, they make the face look too narrow and remove that youthful quality that those with fuller cheeks tend to have. Dr. Colgrove can help assess this placement of fat in the face to best suit your natural facial structure. In addition to the temples, cheeks, and forehead, we can transfer bits of fat into the lips as a natural plumping mechanism that will even out the face.


It’s said that the hands give away our age the most, with veins, tendons and ligaments becoming more prominent as fatty tissues thin out. To reduce this aged look in the hands, we can take fat from other areas of the body and replenish this lost volume. This procedure takes years off of your hands, making you look much younger. You’ll never have to cover them up again!


There are a variety of shapes when it comes to the buttocks, and no one type is preferred. However, many patients come in with flatter backsides, and they wish to redistribute fat from their abdomen or thighs, adding it to their buttocks. Utilizing your fat from liposuction, the contouring of the buttocks can change the look of your legs as well as create an even shape starting from the back and down through the thighs.

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