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Hair Restoration SurgeryShaveless FUE Hair Restoration Procedures in Atlanta, GA

For many years, surgeons and doctors solely used the Strip (FUT) method for hair loss and hair restoration treatments. This method involves taking a strip of the patient’s hair, usually from the back of their head, for a hair transplant procedure. This traditional method, which is very effective both clinically and in regards to cost, is ideal for patients with very advanced hair loss, patients with curly or wavy hair, and those who style their hair longer in the back of their head.

However, technology has advanced over the years and we now have the option of the FUE procedure or robotically with the ARTAS machine. All methods are highly effective hair transplant treatments, but there are some key differences between the procedures. Learn more about which of our treatment options is best for you and your goals, and then contact us today for a consultation with one of our hair restoration surgery specialists!

ARTAS Hair Restoration – Robotic FUE

The ARTAS System is a pioneer in the field of robotic hair transplant surgery treatments and developed with the help of leading hair transplant researchers and physicians. The ARTAS robot precisely takes graft dissections from a patient’s scalp and then reallocates them with advanced speed and precision.

The ARTAS system operates a Follicular-Unit Excision (FUE), which allows the ARTAS system to take hair follicles from the patient’s donor site without needing to make any linear incisions, linear scarring, or stitches.

Learn more about ARTAS

WAW FUE Hair Restoration

WAW FUE hair restoration procedure is easier, faster, and more effective than a traditional FUE hair transplant. The innovative WAW FUE extraction device is designed to match the follicular unit’s natural shape that has a wider base.

Utilizing the wider base through this hair restoration technique enables Dr. Colgrove and his hair restoration expert team to harvest a greater number of high quality hair grafts while using a smaller incision (typically less than 1 mm). This expedites healing, reduces scarring, and lowers the risk of damage to surrounding healthy hair follicles. The result is that you can achieve a more productive hair restoration with lesser treatment time and minimal to no discomfort, all while achieving natural-looking results.

Learn more about WAW FUE

Shaveless or Long Hair FUE

One or the more Shaveless FUE Hair Restoration techniques of FUE is the shaveless or long hair FUE, which requires a very honed skill set to perform. At VSC, we offer the shaveless or long hair FUE for certain patients depending on the length and caliber of their donor hair.

This procedure is ideal for those who are in customer facing roles as the donor area in the back of the head and side areas of the scalp do not have to be shaved or cut to perform the extraction process as it does with the ARTAS procedure or traditional FUE procedure.

Keep in mind that this hair restoration surgery technique is very labor intensive, but a fantastic offering for those concerned with or having an aversion to shaving the donor area. Contact us today for consultation to see if you qualify for this technique!

Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatment For Hair Loss

Platelet-Rich Plasma treatment (PRP) is making waves in the industry, bringing virtually pain-free and noticeable results to those suffering from hair loss.

Hair loss affects almost all men and, as they age, some female pattern hair loss can be expected. Hair loss sufferers, whether it is women with family history of thinning hair or it is men who are experiencing male pattern baldness, often experience a lack of self-confidence and feel self-conscious when they notice their hair is falling out or they have bald spots. Read more.

Scalp Micropigmentation Non- Surgical Hair Restoration

With Scalp Micropigmentation, our hair loss treatment specialists will use high-precision techniques to place microdot tattoos in the superficial layers of the affected scalp. The unique stippling pattern will produce the effect of natural hair follicles. It will give an appearance as if you have had your hair cut quite close to the scalp. Read more on our scalp micropigmentation non-surgical hair restoration technique for those who are looking at non-surgical treatment options.

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