IDEAL IMPLANT Before & After Photos 

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IDEAL IMPLANT Before & After Photos It is a very personal decision to undergo breast implant cosmetic surgery. A patient should only make this decision after attaining as much information about the procedure as possible which is possible in a digital world. 

Women seeking breast enhancement surgery may find answers to several questions on the surgeon’s website and they can do this without having to notify anyone. However, the best source of information in a specific case is a detailed personal consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon. 

The surgeon will show the patient IDEAL IMPLANTS breast augmentation before and after images at the time of the pre-op consultation to help them understand the potential outcomes of the surgery.  

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Colgrove provides breast augmentation to patients in Atlanta, Marietta, Georgia, and surrounding locations. 

IDEAL IMPLANT Before & After Photos 

What are IDEAL IMPLANT Breast Augmentation Before and After Photographs? 

IDEAL IMPLANT ‘before and after’ images are a pair or group of images of previous patients who have undergone the same procedure with effective outcomes.  

These pictures are taken prior to the procedure and after the breast augmentation plastic surgery at a time when the post-surgical swelling and bruising have subsided, and the full outcomes of the procedure are visible. 

The surgeon will acquire these pictures with the express consent of the patient and show them to prospective patients in a discreet manner. In addition, the surgeon will not disclose the patient’s identity, according to standard norms.  

Now this has already been mentioned but what is astonishing is the fact is that you can make a righteous decision about your body that is surgery related without anyone even knowing. No sound needs to be made at all. You can check out Dr. Colgrove’s website and see the impressive body of work and make a decision that’s based on your needs and desires.  


Most patients are understandably anxious when undergoing any surgical procedure to change their overall body shape. The surgeon can display IDEAL IMPLANT before and after images to offer a new patient reassurance on whether it is a suitable procedure for them, capable of accomplishing their body-related cosmetic goals.  

Certain patients may need only limited enhancement with a cosmetic surgery procedure, such as is possible with breast enlargement using the fat transfer technique. On the other hand, some patients may need an IDEAL IMPLANT plastic surgery in combination with a tummy tuck or a breast lift. 

Irrespective of the case, the patient will be able to make a well-informed decision after viewing before and after pictures.  

Combining Pictures with Text 

New patients may find it beneficial if descriptive text detailing the procedure, the reasons for which it was performed, and how it accomplished the patient’s unique needs accompanies breast enhancement before and after images.  

The surgeon can showcase the journey of a previous patient with clear, concise, and succinct descriptions. These descriptions can be an important element of before and after image galleries as patients connect better with photos while stories enable them to remember the associated details more precisely.  

Sharing Your Images 

The surgeon may share images online in the following ways: 

  • Image galleries on the practice website which can be seen from anywhere on the planet and even off the planet as long as the Internet is able to be accessed 
  • Creating a picture portfolio to show to new patients 
  • Augmenting blog posts with images that provide new patients with visual evidence of procedure results 
  • Using pictures on social media platforms to optimize social media posts

However, it is vital to use discretion when posting on social media sites due to the public nature of these platforms. A comprehensive ‘before and after’ image gallery can be a promotional and educational tool for the surgeon and their practice.  

It is a channel for the surgeon to showcase their expertise and skills while educating new patients about intricate plastic surgeries such as IDEAL IMPLANT breast augmentation. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Robert Colgrove receives patients from Atlanta, Marietta, Georgia, and nearby areas for breast augmentation. 

For more information about treatments and procedures by Board Certified Atlanta Plastic Surgeon, Robert A. Colgrove, Jr., M.D. at Vinings Surgery Center please visit us at

Vinings Surgery Center is taking patients from Greater Atlanta Georgia, Buckhead, Marietta, Roswell, Dunwoody and surrounding areas.

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