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MENTOR® MemoryShapeTM Breast Implants, a teardrop-shaped implant that balances shape and feel, are a wonderful new option to consider for either augmentation or reconstruction procedures. Dr. Robert Colgrove offers these innovative implants at Vinings Surgery Center.

Here’s a bit more about the MemoryShapeTM Implant, also commonly known as the “gummy bear implant”―what makes it unique and whether it’s an option for you.

Ultimately, Dr. Colgrove will help guide you to your ideal implant type, taking into consideration your body type and desired outcome. In the meantime, becoming informed is the best thing you can do.

Here are a few things that make the MENTOR® MemoryShapeTM Breast Implant different:

They’re trusted and proven. With more than 10 years of surgical use, and available in more than 70 countries worldwide, MemoryShapeTM Breast Implants are a leading choice for women who could benefit from an implant that helps create the natural shape of the breast.

They’re teardrop-shaped. MemoryShapeTM Implants are teardrop-shaped and made of a highly cohesive silicone gel that maintains the implant’s shape, and much like the silhouette of a natural breast, they gently slope to a full projection point in the lower portion of the implant. Also, a teardrop-shaped implant is thinner at the top, therefore it gradually blends into the upper chest.

Youthful firmness. The cohesive gel is formulated unlike any other to give your breasts a youthful feel.

Gentle texture. Each MemoryShapeTM Implant features SILTEX® Texture, a gentle imprinting process designed to help keep your implants in place.

Proven safety. After a decade of availability worldwide, MemoryShapeTM Implants, are FDA approved and available in the US.

Made in the USA. MemoryShapeTM is the only shaped implant that’s made in the USA.

Patient satisfaction. Women who had breast augmentation or reconstruction procedure with MemoryShapeTM Implants reported a three-fold increase in satisfaction scores, with improvements in self- esteem, appearance and quality of life.

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Now that we’ve moved into a new year, you may be considering moving ahead with a change (big or small) in 2012. If you’re planning to have a cosmetic procedure this year, be sure to devote the needed time and attention to your decision-making process. There are many tools and guides available to help you make the choice that’s right for you—both now and in the future. It’s important to ask yourself some key questions, and be complete and truthful with yourself in your answers. The most crucial thing to ask yourself is, “Why do I want to have this procedure?” While cosmetic procedures can certainly complement and boost other positive life changes, they should not be looked to as a way to completely change or overhaul your life. Make sure your goals for the procedure are realistic and a constructive part of a bigger picture of a healthy, balanced life. Here are some more great questions to ask yourself as you decide whether a procedure is right for you. For more in-depth reading, the book, The Essential Cosmetic Surgery Companion by Robert Kotler MD, has tons of practical tips, questions to ask yourself and your doctor, and helpful checklists. And you can of course always give us a call with any questions at  770-955-9000.

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