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As we all celebrate Thanksgiving this week, it’s the ideal time to focus on gratitude. For example, we here at Vinings Surgery Center are grateful for the wonderful patients who make what we do so great every day! We love hearing your stories and seeing the transformations. Watching you take active steps to live your best possible life and make positive changes is always so inspiring. Thank you!

Did you know that in addition to improving your overall well being and mental state, expressing gratitude can actually make you healthier?

First, gratitude can help you sleep better. Researchers found that people who felt more grateful also reported more positive thoughts and feelings, which allowed them to fall asleep faster and improved their overall quality of sleep. The research suggests that taking just a few minutes before bed to write down or say aloud a few things you’re grateful for might help you fall into a deep slumber.

Also, gratitude may just be the inspiration you need to stick with your gym routine. Exercising regularly was just one of the additional benefits reported by the subjects in a study. If feeling grateful can boost your energy level and happiness and help you get a great night’s sleep, it’s no surprise it can help you stick with your workout program, too! Read more about what gratitude can do in this great Shape magazine article.

This weekend will mark the official start of fall, and that means thoughts soon will turn to cozy times indoors, holiday meals, fun with family and friends and a bit of  indulgence all around.

But you can get a jump on staying fit this fall by planning to work some healthy  (and fun!) practices into your routine. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • Head outside. Atlanta has an abundance of wonderful walking trails and natural spots where you can enjoy a refreshing hike, a ride down the river or a biking trip through the woods. Gather a few friends and plan a regular standing outing you can enjoy all season long. 
  • Workout earlier. The days will start getting shorter very soon, so it’s important to switch up your exercise times so you don’t get left in the dark. Start your run or walk earlier to make the most of precious fall daylight hours.
  • Stay quenched. It may not come to mind as easily as it does in the heat of summer when you’re perpetually parched, but it’s just as important to get plenty of water during the cooler days of fall. Make sure to take water with you wherever you go.
  • Enjoy seasonal delights. In addition to all the indulgent treats of the season, there are plenty of healthy flavors to be savored right now, as well. Enjoy pumpkins and pumpkin seeds, pears, parsnips, sweet potatoes, beets, carrots, turnips and more to your heart’s content!

Embracing the season in a healthy way will help you stay fit and beautiful well into the winter. Enjoy!

According to a study featured in Outpatient Surgery Magazine, liposuction may have more than a cosmetic impact—it could have health benefits, as well. The study links the procedure to reduced triglycerides and white blood cell counts, both of which could be indicators of improved health. “New research suggests that liposuction may have benefits that are much more than cosmetic. A study being presented at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ annual conference in Denver, Colo., this weekend finds that liposuction patients experience a reduction in triglyceride levels and white blood cell counts, which could potentially decrease patients’ risks for heart disease, stroke and diabetes.” Read the full article here.  

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