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Did you know Dr. Colgrove is one of only a few surgeons in Atlanta to offer water-assisted liposuction (WAL)? He has made this less traumatic and less risky lipoplasty technique available at Vinings Surgery Center for more than a year. Developed in 2000 and FDA approved as a safe procedure, water-assisted liposuction is regarded as a minimally invasive fat removal procedure.

Throughout the years, several other techniques have been developed in order to perfect the art of liposuction, which includes using a high-powered vacuum to suck fat out or lasers or chemical injections that melt or break down fat cells prior to suctioning. However, it is the simple act of using water that is said to be the key to making liposuction a more comfortable, easier, and quicker procedure for the patient. Also called Body Jet liposuction, water-assisted liposuction is designed to dislodge the fat before gently washing it out of the body with a special cannula. The cannula used for this particular lipoplasty procedure has openings on both the sides and the top for two distinct purposes. The opening at the top releases high-pressured water that helps break down the fat while leaving the surrounding nerves and blood vessels unharmed. A mixture of fat and fluid is then suctioned from the holes on the side of the cannula.

Although every liposuction technique that has been developed thus far has the intention of reducing all potential risks for post-operative complications, as well as problems during surgery, patients may still experience infection, bleeding, and nerve damage with some of these other methods. Just as traditional liposuction typically involves general anesthesia, this revolutionary technique is usually performed in the same manner; however, based on the area treated, a local anesthetic may be used instead. There are a number of other advantages to this as a low-impact procedure, including: less surgical time, less costly (due to there being less time in surgery), no downtime, a shorter recovery period, and a possible improvement in the appearance of cellulite.

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