Breast Surgery

Breast Plastic Surgery

The breasts are an important aspect of the female body, and can be a concern if they’re present in the male body from an overproduction of tissue. We know that your breasts are an essential part of your life, from the way you feel wearing clothing (male and female alike), to how children are fed, and can be responsible for some back pain. 

Depending on your body, health history, and desired outcome, our plastic surgeons will adjust how they approach your breast procedure to ensure you have the best breast plastic surgery experience. This could mean having breast surgery for augmentation, enhancement, or having either breast lift procedures or breast reduction procedures performed.

For our breast plastic surgery patients, we offer everything from breast implants to enhance the size and positioning of the breast, breast augmentation for shaping and contouring, breast reduction procedures to reduce the size of larger breasts, and breast lift procedures to bring your breasts back to their youthful position.

We also offer a gynecomastia procedure to help reduce the excess tissue around the pectoral area for men. Many men experience this difficult issue and we, at Vinings Surgery Center, can help to remove this burden. You no longer need to hide behind baggy sweatshirts!

Breast Procedures

When it comes to having breast procedures performed, you’re in safe hands with Dr. Colgrove and the Vinings Surgery Center medical professionals. Whether the breast plastic surgery you are having done is a breast lift procedure or a breast reduction procedure, a gynecomastia or breast augmentation, our patients leave happy, knowing that their surgery was done with care. 

Are you wondering what breast procedures we perform? Take a deeper look here.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a form of breast plastic surgery that involves enhancing breasts through breast implants or through transferring of fat from another body part’s area.

Breast Lift Procedures

Scientifically known as mastopexy, breast lifts involve a board certified surgeon, like Vining Surgery Center’s Dr. Colgrove, to remove any extraneous skin and amplify the breast through changing the shape.

Breast Implant Removal

If you are someone who has previously had a breast augmentation but are wanting a change, a breast implant removal is also a service which we perform. Although breast implants can be fully removed, typically the initial breast implants are removed and replaced through another breast augmentation surgery.

Breast Reduction

Designed for women, breast reduction procedures are performed for those who are seeking smaller breasts, likely due to skeletal pain in the neck and back. Breast reduction surgery involves removing fat from the breasts, alleviating any pain or cosmetic issues that come from larger breasts. 

Gynecomastia (Male Breast Augmentation)

For men seeking to decrease the fat in the breast buds, a gynecomastia — also known as male breast augmentation — can be performed. Similar to breast reduction procedures that are performed, having a male breast augmentation means fat will be removed, eventually allowing for a flatter chest.

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