Breast Implants That Offer Low Cost Lifetime Protection

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You’ve heard of the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant. Your friends and their friends are starting to hear about the implant, too. Able to provide a natural look and feel with no need for biennial MRI’s and an extremely low risk of rupture rate, these new breast implants are becoming the go-to choice for women around the world looking for breast augmentation. And rightfully so, as it is able to give women what they want. Natural results and peace of mind are two reasons why it’s so ideal.

But what happens after surgery? Even though the risks are low and incidences are extremely few and far between, women have found themselves still wondering, what if? Unexpected complications happen and that means unexpected expenses. In order to offer even more peace of mind when it comes to their breast implants, IDEAL IMPLANT now offers a protection plan free of charge at the time of purchase.


Any woman who purchases the IDEAL IMPLANT will get replacement breast implants for life due to deflation and for 10 years if there is a capsular contracture. They are also enrolled at no cost in the Basic Protection Plan, which offers a maximum of $3500 in financial assistance for deflation for 10 years. Women also have the option of enrolling in the Premium Protection Plan, which offers $10,000 in financial assistance for post operative complications in the first 60 days after surgery as well as $5,000 for deflation, capsular contracture, insertional scarring, bleeding, infection, anesthesia, and wound healing for life.

“We feel our responsibility to women receiving our implants doesn’t end when the final stitch is tied. While IDEAL IMPLANT offers some of the lowest rupture and capsular contracture rates among implants, we want to provide women with financial peace of mind in case an unexpected expense arises, whether for an early post-operative complication, or a problem that arises many years in the future. Coupled with the already high-performing IDEAL IMPLANT, this new program is a win-win for women desiring more natural looking and feeling breast implants, with the greater peace of mind that comes from both the safety of saline inside and the expanded financial protection.” – Dr. Robert S. Hamas, IDEAL IMPLANT inventor and board-certified plastic surgeon.

Women who receive a breast augmentation want an outcome on which they can depend. Unfortunately, the implant manufacturer’s warranty doesn’t always cover expenses that aren’t covered through the patient’s health insurance. With the IDEAL IMPLANT Premium Protection Plan, women can now have beautiful results and a worry-free outcome. This plan is renewable for life, meaning peace of mind that lasts a lifetime. The plan covers early complications that may arise such as bleeding, infection, blood clots, and wound healing processes.

It also covers later complications that are unlikely with the IDEAL IMPLANT but may occur including deflation, capsular contracture and scar revision. To enroll, women have to go through their surgeon before their surgery. There is only a one-time payment of $189 for a patient’s first breast augmentation or $249 if they want to exchange their current breast implants. This plan can be renewed continually for $79 a year.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Colgrove has been doing breast augmentations for over 32 years, and has seen it all. He also is distinguished as an IDEAL IMPLANT Premier Surgeon, meaning that he is among the most experienced IDEAL IMPLANT surgeons in the nation. Colgrove recognizes the advantageous differences this new implant provides and helps his patients enroll in one of the protection plans prior to surgery if they desire greater financial peace of mind.

“The IDEAL IMPLANT offers the advantages of feeling more natural than the typical saline implant and feels a little bit more like the silicone [gel] implants without the drawbacks of silent rupture and the frequent MRI’s, which are recommended…The patient satisfaction has been across the board very good. We haven’t had to go back in and remove them because they didn’t like them. I would say at this point it has been very positive for the patient and the surgeon and continues to grow. We started obviously at zero, but it has basically overtaken my practice as far as the number one choice for breast implants in my practice.” – Dr. Robert Colgrove

As more and more people start to hear about the IDEAL IMPLANT, women everywhere will start wondering what life was like before these breast implants and the peace of mind they provide became available. Now that they come with the Basic Protection Plan as well as with the option for a Premium Protection Plan, no choice has ever been easier. Don’t compromise when it comes to your body and your peace of mind.

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