Exosomes For Anti-Aging Skin Rejuvenation

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Exosomes For Anti-Aging Skin RejuvenationThe future of rejuvenation may involve using exosomes for anti-aging. It certainly appears to be the next stage in the development of rejuvenation therapy. This is particularly the case for people with interest in stem cell therapy and the benefits it offers. 

But what exactly are exosomes? How do they differ from stem cells? And how can they help? These are vital questions that an individual should discuss with their treatment provider at the time of the initial consultation.

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What are exosomes?

Our human cells comprise a variety of components with diverse functions known as organelles. Exosomes are created when these organelles fuse with the cell wall, and small portions bud off from the cell. These buds contain some of its contents, such as RNA and proteins.  

Stem cell-derived exosomes have been used to repair aging tissues of the body, as they have shown remarkable regenerative ability. They have been shown to impact cells to heal themselves, and they also play a part in eliminating cellular cytotoxins. 

The exosomes that are being used as treatment are bought from biotech companies that undertake the harvesting. They are not sourced from the patients who are going to receive them for treatment.

Following are some ways that exosomes are presently being used to stop or reverse age-related conditions. 

Skin Rejuvenation

With time, human skin starts to display physical signs of aging, such as wrinkling. This occurs due to an impaired ability to regenerate vital skin components. Exosomes may be the talisman to delaying this process as they work on a cellular level to encourage skin cell regeneration. 

In the laboratory, exosomes have been effectively used to delay the onset of skin aging. They do this by encouraging the development of fibroblast cells, which are crucial to maintaining skin elasticity and strength. 

While research has yet to be performed on humans, exosomes are already being used in facials at anti-aging clinics. In addition, there are exosome-based moisturizers available in the market. 

How is This Distinct From Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cell treatments involve the use of whole cells to replace aging or faulty ones. Exosomes refer to vesicles, which have detached from cells with contents that could possibly affect the behavior of other cells. 

While exosomes can be sourced from any type of cell, the sources of clinically useful stem cells are restricted to the developing embryo (embryonic stem cells) and bone marrow, blood (adult stem cells), and adipose tissue.

The major edge exosomal biotechnology may have over stem cell treatments is the minimal risk of rejection by the body of the recipient. Instead of replacing an individual’s cells with foreign ones that the body may not accept, exosomes merely alter the functions of already existent native cells. 

Exosomes for Anti-Aging Summary

There is ongoing research in the area of biogenesis and functions of exosomes, but it is still in its initial stages. The beneficial applications of this therapy could be vast. If used properly, these tiny vesicles could hold the key to improved health. 

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