Hair Restoration Treatment Options

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Hair Restoration Treatment OptionsMany people can be embarrassed when it comes to their hair loss, and starting the process of finding a hair restoration solution can be intimidating. Due to the abundance of hair restoration solutions available nowadays, it can be difficult for a person to decide which option is best for them. Dr. Robert Colgrove at Vinings Surgery and Hair Restoration Center is an experienced hair restoration expert who can assist you in evaluating your choices and determining which treatment is appropriate for you.


In the past, hair restoration procedures relied solely on the strip FUT technique, which consists of taking a strip of hair from the rear part of the head. Despite being a traditional and successful method, recent advances in technology have made other treatments available.

ARTAS Hair Restoration- Robotic FUE: Robotic hair restoration technology that precisely grafts and relocates hair follicles. This system implements Follicular-Unit Excision (FUE) to harvest hair from the donor area without having to make any incisions, leaving no visible marks or sutures.

WAW FUE Hair Restoration: This technique is much simpler, quicker, and more effective than the traditional FUE techniques. It entails a larger number of hair grafts with only a minor incision, resulting in less scarring, shorter recovery time, and more desirable outcomes.

Shaveless or Long Hair FUE: For patients that want to undergo hair restoration treatment without shaving or cutting their hair

Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatment: An injectable therapy that utilizes one’s own blood plasma to generate hair growth. After obtaining blood from the person, it is spun in a centrifuge to split the cells from the plasma. The plasma is then injected into the scalp to stimulate the growth of hair with the help of the growth factors.

Scalp Micropigmentation: Utilizes microdot tattooing to that mimics the appearance of a short buzz-cut.

What Treatment Is Best For Me?

If you are not certain which hair restoration treatment is the best for you, Dr. Robert Colgrove at the Vinings Surgery and Hair Restoration Center is available for a consultation. Our experienced hair restoration specialists will explain the differences between the treatments and tailor a plan to fit your needs and goals.

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