MemoryShape Implants FAQs

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With so many choices in breast implants these days, how do you know whether the “gummy bear implant”, Mentor® MemoryShape Breast Implant, is the right option for you?

As with all breast implant choices, you and Dr. Colgrove will take into consideration your unique features, as well as your desired outcomes in order to give you the beautiful result you’re looking for. Here are some of the factors that may guide your decision:

Do you have a certain look in mind?

If teardrop-shaped implants are made to match the silhouette of a natural breast with more fullness at the bottom than at the top is the look you want, MemoryShape Breast Implants may be right for you. If you want a look that is more “round” at the top of your breast, discuss the option of MemoryGel® Round Breast Implants with your surgeon.

Is the feel of the breast implant most important to you?

MemoryShape Implants are filled with a highly cohesive silicone gel that helps the implant create a natural breast silhouette. Although this gel is pliant, it may feel firmer to you than your natural breast tissue, depending on your amount of tissue coverage. If the feel of your implant is a top priority, ask your surgeon about MemoryGel®Breast Implants. They are a round breast implant option that may have a slightly softer feel.

Do you have sufficient tissue coverage?

An important consideration in determining if MemoryShape Implants may be a good choice for you is the amount of breast tissue coverage you have. During your consultation, your surgeon will evaluate your breast tissue to determine if MemoryShape Implants are well suited to you.

Do you have an incision site preference?

When placing a breast implant, there are three common incision sites: around the nipple (periareolar), within the breast fold (inframammary) and underneath the arm (axillary). MemoryShape Implants may be placed using any of these incision sites. However, the most common incision site is within the breast fold. Shaped implants may require a larger incision than round implants.

What is gel cohesiveness and why is it important?

Gel cohesiveness is determined by the amount of cross-linking within the silicone gel filler. The more cross-linking, the more cohesive the gel and the more it helps to maintain its shape. As such, highly cohesive silicone gel filled breast implants are able to retain their molded, teardrop shape whereas MemoryGel® Implants (round) are more pliable.

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