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Spotlight on: Stephanie Graiser, RN (soon-to-be Stephanie Bauman, RN)

Role at Vinings Surgery Center: Mondays, I assist Dr. Colgrove in clinic day for all rechecks. Wednesdays, I perform pre-ops or work with the new patients in their consult. I spend Thursdays and Fridays in surgery. I enjoy being with the patient from the beginning during the consult all the way through to the surgery and then onto the recovery phase!

Joined the staff in: 2010, after being a patient in 2008.

What she loves most about what she does: After working on a neurology unit for 3 years, I love working at VSC because everyone is happy, healthy and wants to be there. I also really enjoy developing relationships with the patients and helping them feel comfortable while going through a life-enhancing process.

What she hopes patients gain: My hope for patients is for their embarrassing or bothersome areas to be transformed into confidence boosters. Patients often come in feeling nervous or self-conscious. By the time they are done healing after surgery, you can see they walk with their head a little higher and have a pep in their step!

Her biggest piece of advice: My biggest piece of advice for the patients is to bring your caregiver/spouse/friend to the consult and pre-op. It is very important for the caregiver to understand what the surgical and recovery process is to better know what to expect. Patients heal much better when they are thoroughly cared for and not made to feel guilty for going through with the surgery. Everyone needs a positive support system.

Favorite things to do for fun: I stay very active with working out, running, playing softball, tennis and flag football or just being outside. I enjoy going to church and participating in a small group. I love to spend time with my fiance, family and friends. I also stay very busy planning to marry my best friend this summer!

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