WAW FUE Hair Restoration Before And After Photos

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WAW FUE Hair Restoration

WAW FUE Hair Restoration Before And After PhotosWAW follicular unit extraction (FUE) is a great way to regain a fuller head of hair with results that are natural looking. The surgeon will not perform the traditional ‘strip’ technique that is highly invasive for extracting hair follicles. Instead, they will remove the follicular units in a gentler manner and move them to the recipient area without any visible scarring. Your surgeon may show you WAW FUE before and after photographs during the pre-operative consultation. This will be shown to educate you on what the treatment can achieve for you. You should look at these images closely to make a well-considered decision. Make sure you clear all your doubts and concerns with the surgeon. Vinings Surgery Center, led by board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Colgrove, provides WAW FUE hair restoration to patients in Atlanta, Marietta, Georgia, and surrounding locations.

Take Decisive Action after Reviewing the Images

WAW FUE hair restoration is a highly innovative and less invasive approach that may kindle your hopes for achieving dramatic results. However, it is normal to have apprehensions about the procedure and expected improvements. You may wonder whether your hair line and scalp will be distinctive enough for meeting your expectations. WAW FUE hair re-growth before and after photographs will help you attain increased clarity about how your new hair will look following the procedure. It will also help you determine whether the enhancement is visible enough for you to undergo the procedure. This will give you the confidence you require for going ahead with the procedure.

Know What is Possible

Different problems can be solved by WAW FUE hair restoration, depending on the extent of pattern hair loss. You would notice different results in different patients when you look at different types of WAW FUE ‘before and after’ photographs. Every patient is unique with personal cosmetic goals, and their choices will reflect in their images. Photographs provide patients with the opportunity to consider their options and goals. You would be able to provide your feedback and inputs to the cosmetic surgeon. You can explore additional procedures if you want better results. For instance, you can get PRP injections in combination. It becomes easier to visualize and consider the various possibilities.

Attain Greater Confidence in the Skills of the Surgeon

An indirect benefit of WAW FUE hair restoration before and after photographs is that they provide a reflection on the versatility and range of the surgeon’s skills. These images demonstrate the expertise level and skills of the treatment provider. Before and after photographs can be useful in dispelling any doubts or uncertainty you may have. Now these exact images are not on the site, but we know it takes about as long to make a nice dinner as it does to update a website. With that said. Dr. Colgrove believes in transparency because if he did not he would have satisfied countless people from all walks of life. Right now, you will have to ask to see these images during the consultation which is mandatory anyway. Transparency and success in the elective surgery industry go hand in hand. We may not see transparency in our top athletes orin our DC politicians but in this field, transparency is critical.

Sharing Pictures on Instagram

Instagram has become popular as an image sharing social platform on a global level. Your cosmetic surgeon may share the before and after photographs of WAW FUE on Instagram for raising awareness about this innovative treatment. Instagram Slideshows and Stories are effective tools for presenting these photographs in an imaginative manner. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Robert Colgrove at the Vinings Surgery Center receives patients from Atlanta, Marietta, Georgia, and nearby areas for WAW FUE hair restoration.

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