What Should You Expect During Your For Neck Lift Surgery Consultation?

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Neck Lift Surgery Consultation

What Should You Expect During Your For Neck Lift Surgery Consultation?Neck lift or a lower rhytidectomy plastic surgery helps in creating a youthful and smoother looking neck. The surgery can be performed in combination with a facelift or as an independent procedure. The first goal of responsible surgeons is to make sure their patients make a well-considered and educated decision. They will explain the pros and cons of the neck lift procedure clearly to help the patient make an informed choice. Patients should participate proactively in the consultation process and feel free to clear all their doubts and ask questions during the pre-op consultation. Vinings Surgery Center, led by board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Colgrove, provides neck lift surgery to patients in Atlanta, Marietta, Georgia, and surrounding communities.

Feedback of Patient

The surgeon will try and understand the reason for a patient to be considering neck lift cosmetic surgery during the pre-op consultation. They will also identify the aspects that bother the patient. It’s vital for the patient to inform the surgeon about all allergies and underlying health problems that may hamper the procedure, results, or recovery.

Cosmetic Goals of the Patient

The surgeon will determine the patient’s unique cosmetic goals and their expectations from the neck lift surgery. They will then move to develop a customized plan. The surgeon will do their best to devise a plan that allows for achieving the desired results in a minimally invasive and precise manner.

Existing Medical Conditions

The patients should have their medical records sent to the plastic surgeon’s office from their specialist or physician before the initial consultation if they have any preexisting medical conditions. All known allergies, underlying health conditions and autoimmune diseases should be communicated to the patient. This allows the cosmetic surgeon to modify the procedure to minimize risks.

Ongoing Prescription and Non-prescription Medications

The patient should let the cosmetic surgeon know about any prescription and non-prescription medications they are taking. This includes herbal supplements and vitamins as well. The patient should also speak honestly to the surgeon about any specific lifestyle behaviors, such as smoking.

Answering of Questions

The patient has a golden opportunity to clear all their doubts and questions during the initial consultation about the neck lift procedure. They can even enquire into the surgeon’s experience and background. Patients should make use of this opportunity and unhesitatingly ask all manners of questions. They should come to a decision only when their questions are answered in an appropriate fashion. Committed surgeons will provide detailed and honest answers to the patient to ensure they are satisfied.

Testimonials and Photographs

Patients can ask cosmetic surgeons for testimonials and before and after pictures of previous patients. These help them gain a better understanding of the procedure and expected results. It also helps them trust the surgeon a little bit better.

Care Guidelines Before and After the Surgery

Surgeon or their staff will provide detailed neck lift surgery preparation guidelines to the patient. It is recommended for working professionals to take at least a week off their work for ideal recovery. Patients should also make arrangements for after care. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Robert Colgrove receives patients from Atlanta, Marietta, Georgia, and nearby areas for neck lift surgery.  

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