Why People undergo Chin Augmentation Surgery

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Chin augmentation Atlanta patients undergo is perhaps one of the lesser known plastic surgery procedures available. It might seem an odd choice yet chin augmentation can take care of a number of facial imbalances and aging challenges to assist people to feel more confident about their appearance. Here are a few reasons why people undergo chin augmentation surgery:

  • Balance: Some people look in the mirror and do not see the symmetry they note in other people’s faces. It might seem that someone would undergo a nose job before they would add to their chins. However in many cases what appears to be a large nose might in fact be a nose that is disproportionate to a person’s chin. Plastic surgeons might recommend chin augmentation Atlanta patients might prefer to provide the balance and symmetry they feel they are lacking.
  • Definition: Often a person feels they are almost satisfied with the appearance of their face but they feel their profiles lack definition. A chin plays an important role in your profile and although some people are reasonably satisfied with their face straight on they might feel that in photos their profile seems to be too flat. A chin augmentation can add that hint of shape required to offer a more pleasing profile without taking away from a person’s looks when viewed straight on.
  • Rounder Faces: Many people do not like the look of having a very round face. Chin augmentation can help provide more of a pleasing oval or heart shaped face that will be more delicate and refined. This can make a very big difference and can take someone from attractive to truly beautiful with the simple addition of a more prominent chin.
  • Shorter Faces: Some people have faces that appear too short due to a shorter chin or even mouth area. By adding more length to the chin the face becomes more in proportion adding a more pleasing balance to the face.
  • Weak Chin: Some people simply do not have a chin. Both from the front view and profile it is clear that their chin either appears to be too pushed in or is lost in their neck or sagging facial skin. A chin augmentation provides a clearly defined chin for a more pleasing look that makes the face appear more finished and adds more character.

These are just a few of the reasons patients seek the chin augmentation Atlanta surgeons offer. Chin augmentation can also offer more definition and smooth out skin that might be sagging as a result of age.

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