Secrets to Breast Augmentation Success

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If you’re thinking about having breast augmentation, the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure, it’s important to carefully consider everything from sizing and proportion to implantSecrets to Breast Augmentation Success options to recovery and aftercare. Here are a few of the secrets to breast augmentation success:

  • Proper sizing of your implants is a crucial step in achieving a successful outcome. Purchase a bra that you want to fill upon completion of the surgery. Take the bra to the doctor’s office prior to surgery and try different size implants with different types of clothing.
  • Pick out photographs from the Internet or magazines to demonstrate the size you prefer. It will be helpful to pick out one too large, one too small, and one as close as possible to the ideal size.
  • Think about your specific body type. Picking an implant size that is too large for your frame will make them look unnatural, and it may be more likely that they may start to sag prematurely.
  • Take advantage of the amazing technology available that lets you “try on” your new look before surgery. The online 3D Visualizer by Mentor at uses a photo of yourself to create an example of how breast implants may transform your body. Also, the Mentor Volume Sizing System allows you to try on contoured inserts in various volumes and sizes during your consultation.
  • Use the “rice test” at home to experiment with sizing. Fill a zipper bag with rice and place beneath your bra to see how it looks. This also allows you to understand how that extra weight feels on your chest and shoulders.
  • Make sure you understand the qualities and pros and cons of each type of implant. Saline implants are filled with saline, typically at the time of surgery; they tend to feel firmer than silicone implants. Silicone implants are prefilled with silicone gel, which is a thick, sticky fluid that mimics the feel of natural tissue.
  • Your individual muscle stiffness or looseness is important to consider when choosing implant type. In most cases, there is little to no discernible difference between the appearance of breasts augmented with saline versus silicone, but there could be a slightly greater chance of visible rippling or wrinkling with saline implants. The chances of this are reduced when implants are inserted under the pectoral muscle.
  • Immediately after surgery, you may not be able to raise arms above the head, but you probably will be able to do most things unassisted by the second day. Patients can usually return to a desk job five to seven days after the procedure. Two weeks may be required for jobs that require exertion, such as food server or flight attendant.
  • Much of the success of and recovery depends on taking the proper steps for excellent aftercare. Doing the right types of stretches and massage techniques consistently following the procedure is crucial.
  • Wear a good, high-quality sports bra after surgery. It should have plenty of structural support and you should wear it every day during the weeks after surgery.




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