Skin Removal Surgery After Weight Loss

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Skin Removal Surgery

Skin Removal Surgery After Weight LossSkin removal surgery is a cosmetic procedure that may be required after a person goes through a major weight loss. Some women may want to undergo this cosmetic surgery after pregnancy or address the aging effects. Excess skin removal surgery may include one or more body contouring procedures to eliminate sagging, loose skin in areas such as the upper arms, breasts, abdomen, flanks, back, buttocks, and thighs. Vinings Surgery Center, led by board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Colgrove, provides skin removal surgery to patients in Atlanta, Marietta, Georgia, and surrounding locations.


Loose or hanging skin around the lower abdomen may occur after massive weight loss. The loose skin may sometimes start hanging down under the pubic region. The medical term for this excess skin collection is pannus or panniculus. To remove this excess skin a panniculectomy plastic surgery can be performed. Panniculectomy will not only improve your aesthetic appearance, but also restore your comfortable movement and reduce the risk of pain, rashes, and infections that may occur because of excess skin. This procedure can sometimes be performed in conjunction with tummy tuck surgery for more effective results.

Thigh Lift

Excess fatty tissue and loose skin in the inner part of the thighs can be successfully corrected with a thigh lift plastic surgery. A skilled surgeon will place the incisions discreetly in the hidden crease of your groin and on the inner aspects of your thigh. Through the incisions, they will remove the excess fat and skin, and tighten the thigh to improve the lower body shape and definition.

Buttock Lift

A buttock lift is similar to a tummy tuck, except that is performed on the rear end. Following a substantial weight loss or a bariatric surgery, you may be left with a saggy and flattened appearance of the outer thighs and buttocks. Your surgeon can place an incision right above the buttock to remove the excess skin and fat. The buttock lift surgery will re-suspend your buttock to correct the saggy look.

Male Chest Lift

Excess droopy skin on the male chest may occur after a weight loss surgery or another massive weight loss procedure. This condition in men can be correct with a chest lift cosmetic surgery. The procedure will remove the excess sagging skin and fatty deposits to reveal a firmer and flatter masculine chest.

Bra Line Lift or Back Lift

Bra line lift or upper back lift is a plastic surgery procedure to eliminate loose skin and stubborn fat pockets from the sides of the breasts and across the upper back, which are commonly known as bra rolls. An experienced surgeon can place the incision so that the scar gets hidden under the bra.

Lower Body Lift

Circumferential body lift or lower body lift is commonly performed as a skin removal surgery. This is a 360 degree skin tightening procedure, which may involve excess skin reduction from the abdomen, waist, buttocks, outer thighs, and lower back. Results can be comprehensive and will restore a youthful appearance. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Robert Colgrove receives patients from Atlanta, Marietta, Georgia, and nearby areas for skin removal surgery.

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