African American Hair Restoration Transplants With SmartGraft Before And After Pictures

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Black Hair Restoration Transplants Before And After Pictures

African American Hair Restoration Transplants With SmartGraft Before And After Pictures African American hair restoration before and after pictures refer to a set of images pertaining to a patient who have successfully had the same procedure previously. The set includes photographs taken a day before the SmartGraft treatment and images taken after the procedure at different stages of hair re-growth. Your surgeon will acquire these photos with the patient’s express consent and keep them in the records only for educational purposes. The first benefit of these photographs is that the patient who has received the ethnic hair restoration treatment can compare their own appearance to understand how well the procedure has worked for them. Thereafter, with the patient’s approval, the same photos can be presented before new patients to give them visual evidence of what a SmartGraft black hair restoration procedure can or cannot do for them. Now these images are not on the website, but this does not mean the website cannot be upgraded at any time. Vinings Surgery Center, led by board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Colgrove, provides African American hair restoration with SmartGraft to patients in Atlanta, Marietta, Georgia, and surrounding locations.

Realistic Expectations

A dedicated SmartGraft African American hair restoration expert would encourage you to have clear aesthetic goals, a positive mindset, and reasonable expectations. SmartGraft ethnic hair transplant before and after photos can play a key role here to help you remain realistic about the results. When you review the images, you can more clearly understand what kind of hair re-growth results you can achieve over a few weeks and months with a SmartGraft procedure. You can make a sagacious choice and you’re your risk of any future disappointment is minimized because you will know exactly what you are getting. This is because digital images offer acute clarity, and you should ask to see them during the consultation which is mandatory anyway. When ‘before and after’ photos are used upfront, patient satisfaction levels are often higher. Your treatment provider also gets an opportunity to distribute these photos to a wider audience if they want. Social media is a powerful medium to increase the awareness about SmartGraft for African American hair, as long as patient confidentiality protocols are maintained.

Combining Images and Text

It sometimes makes sense to add a short text or description along with the SmartGraft African American hair restoration before and after pictures to explain the patient’s condition of hair prior to the treatment and how the procedure met their unique requirements. For new patients, it gets easier to understand the potential benefits of SmartGraft when clear, succinct, and informative text accompanies these photos. While an image can say more than words (and a digital one can say even more), a well-written description can inform the intricate aspects of the results and enlighten new patients about the nuances that their untrained eye may have missed to see.

Sharing Pictures Online

Your surgeon can share the SmartGraft ethnic hair restoration before and after photographs through one or more of the following virtual methods:
  • Website Gallery: Create a before and after photo gallery on the practice website. As already said the website currently does not include hair restoration transplant SmartGraft before and after images but this can change at any time because a surgical clinic is always changing with the times.
  • Online Portfolio or Brochure: Build an online image portfolio to show to new patients that are considering the procedure.
  • Blog Posts: Add pictures to a blog post to provide patients visual evidence of the outcome.
  • Social Media: Pictures can complement social media posts quite effectively. However, posting on social media networks warrants discretion due to their public nature.
Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Robert Colgrove receives patients from Atlanta, Marietta, Georgia, and nearby areas for SmartGraft African American hair restoration transplant.

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