Are Form Stable Breast Implants Right for You?

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Many women who are dissatisfied with their breast size might feel self conscious. Whether their breasts are too small or too big in their own minds they may consider Buckhead plastic surgery to help them feel more confident and happier about their body. Over a quarter of a million women in the United States undergo breast augmentations every year. In fact the latest development in breast implants has made breast augmentations more popular than ever. Form stable breast implants are by far the most natural and safest breast implants available in the United States. They are very natural in both look and feel and may very well be the breast implant you have been hoping to find.

Just Call them Gummy Bear
It might seem silly to name your implants. However form stable breast implants have been named “Gummy Bears” due to their solid, gel like consistency. Unlike most breast implants used during Buckhead plastic surgery, form stable breast implants do not contain a liquid filling. Instead they are made of a silicone gel that can actually be sliced. This means the implants are firmer than other types of implants and therefore they offer a far more natural look and feel. Gummy bear implants are designed to better mimic the natural look of a breast that is affected by gravity with a fuller bottom much like a tear drop. Women love their look and feel and do not feel they are as noticeable as augmentations using traditional implants.

Les Risk of Capsular Contracture
If you have been considering breast augmentation, chances are you have done some homework. If you have come across information about capsular contracture you are probably a little nervous about the prospect of breast implants. This is something that happens when a woman’s body feels implants are a foreign body and their immune system rejects the implants. This leads to a skin issue that will actually contract. With liquid implants this can deform the shape of the breasts and can also be very uncomfortable. With form stable breast implants there is less of a risk of capsular contracture which is another reason women prefer them. This is because they are firm and will not contract if the skin tightens.

The benefits to Gummy Bear implants are:

  • They look and feel more natural
  • They are less likely to wrinkle due to the firm material used
  • Less chance of capsular contracture

If you are unhappy with your breast size, shape or overall look you can greatly benefit from Buckhead plastic surgery that provides the breast augmentation or even reduction you desire.

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