Neck Lift Surgery Recovery

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Neck Lift (Lower rhytidectomy)

Neck Lift Surgery RecoveryLower rhytidectomy or neck lift cosmetic surgery is a relatively less invasive surgery. However, the procedure involves an intense recovery phase that is necessary for the sustainability and success of the procedural outcomes. Your surgeon will give you in-depth recovery guidelines which should be followed carefully if you want to enjoy a relaxed and short recovery phase. During the initial consultation, your surgeon will give you the opportunity to ask any question and express concerns regarding the downtime, recovery period, and specific instructions regarding the neck lift surgery. It is important to remember that the final success of your procedure is correlated to how diligently you follow your surgeon’s post-op care instructions. Vinings Surgery Center, led by board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Colgrove, provides neck lift surgery to patients in Atlanta, Marietta, Georgia, and surrounding communities.

Estimated Recovery Phase

Generally, patients don’t need more than a week of downtime following their neck lift cosmetic surgery. It is vital they arrange for a responsible person to drive them home after the surgery. Working professionals should try and take at least a week’s leave to ensure a relaxed and stress-free recovery period. They should make sure to apply for the leave period before the scheduled surgery date. Check with your surgeon before going back to work full time if your job involves heavy lifting or is otherwise physically strenuous. You may have to modify your schedule and work load.

Maintain Blood Flow

It is important for patients to remain at home and take adequate rest during the first week after a neck lift plastic surgery. However, you should ensure that you undertake gentle walks and light activities at home to maintain adequate blood circulation around the incision sites. You should wear loose-fitting and comfortable clothing the first few days following the surgery. Try not to lift any heavy objects or perform aggressive exercises for 3 – 4 weeks following the surgery or till the incisions are healed. Generally, most patients resume their daily chores and work schedules after a week of the neck lift surgery.

Check for Infections

Your post-operative inflammation and bruising will resolve slowly. However, if you notice any unusual signs or severe and constant pain, you should get in touch with the surgeon’s office. This is true even if there is excessive inflammation, high fever, or pus at the incision site. In the initial few days, you should take adequate measures to prevent exposure of the incision site to contaminants. In addition, you should not submerge the incision site in water until your surgeon allows you to do so.

Side Effects and Scarring

Soreness and mild pain in the incision site is a temporary side effect of the surgery. You may experience bruising and scarring as well to some extent. However, the scars should fade away into barely visible thin lines. Experienced neck lift plastic surgeons will make sure that the incisions are made at discreet locations. Mostly they are made within the natural folds of the neck to ensure all future scarring remains hidden. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Robert Colgrove receives patients from Atlanta, Marietta, Georgia, and nearby areas for neck lift surgery.

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