Nipple And Areola Reduction Surgery 

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Nipple Surgery 

Nipple And Areola Reduction Surgery Women often worry about the appearance of their breasts. The most common cause for concern is an areola or nipple that is disproportionately large and mars the breast aesthetics. This lack of confidence in their body characteristics may reduce self-esteem in intimate situations. Fortunately, a procedure such as nipple and areola reduction surgery can help to correct this problem.   Nipple and areola reduction procedure is performed on an outpatient basis. Cosmetic surgeons discuss the outcome the patient desires and will tailor the procedure to give her the exact look she wants. Vinings Surgery Center, led by board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Colgrove, provides nipple and areola reduction surgery to patients in Atlanta, Marietta, Georgia, and surrounding locations. 

Who can undergo nipple and areola reduction?  

You are a likely candidate for nipple reduction surgery if you are a woman (or man) with long or large or droopy nipples. Persons with asymmetric nipples that differ in shape or size can also undergo this procedure. Pregnancy and breastfeeding may change the appearance of areolae. Sometimes, there may be congenital problems that lead to asymmetric areolas.   Persons with puffy, enlarged, or asymmetric areolae can choose to undergo areola reduction surgery. Both nipple and areola reduction procedures can be tailored to give you balanced looking breasts that add to your physical attractiveness.  

What happens in nipple and areola reduction surgery? 

A plastic surgeon uses local anesthesia before beginning the procedure. This reduces the pain and also hastens recovery. Nipple reduction involves making a cut inside the nipple to shorten it or to reduce its circumference. No noticeable scars are left after complete healing. If necessary, the surgeon may remove some breast tissue for better results.   In areola reduction cosmetic surgery, the surgeon creates a donut sized ring by cutting out some tissue from around the areola. The gap is then closed by stitching together the two rings using sutures. The sutures are placed in the pigmented border of the areola to ensure no scars are visible after the procedure.   You may choose to combine a nipple and areola reduction surgery with other breast enhancement procedures such as a breast lift or a breast augmentation for even better looking balanced breasts. This is a more extensive surgery and has to be performed under general anesthesia.  

Recovery Timeline  

Following the plastic surgery procedure, the surgeon will bandage the operated area. You may be asked to wear a special bra for a few weeks to support the breasts. When carried out under local anesthesia, you will be sent home soon after the procedure. If general anesthesia was used, there will be an observation period for a few hours.    Most persons recover completely within 3 days of surgery. Some bruising, swelling or pain is normal for a day or two after the surgery, but it can be easily relieved with the help of over-the-counter pain relieving drugs. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Robert Colgrove receives patients from Atlanta, Marietta, Georgia, and nearby areas for nipple and areola reduction procedures. 

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