KYBELLA Injectable Double Chin Reduction Before And After Photos

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KYBELLA Injectable Double Chin Reduction Before And After Photos

KYBELLA Injectable Double Chin Reduction Before And After PhotosKybella is a unique treatment developed specifically for reducing excess fat under the chin. Kybella injectables may be the right solution for you if you want to reduce the appearance of your unsightly double chin but don’t want to go in for a cosmetic surgery. Vinings Surgery Center, led by board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Colgrove, provides Kybella injections for double chin reduction to patients in Atlanta, Marietta, Georgia, and surrounding locations.

What are Kybella Injection Before and After Images?

Kybella double chin reduction before and after pictures refer to groups of images that belong to previous patients. It would include images that are taken before the treatment. There would be also multiple pictures taken after the procedure at different improvement stages as well. These images will be obtained by the treatment provider with the relevant patient’s consent. They will be retained on record for only educational purposes. Patients like having their images taken for records since it allows them to compare their appearance from before the treatment with how they look now. The same images can be shown to new patients with the relevant patient’s consent. This is usually done as demonstrable evidence of what the procedure can and cannot do for patients. Now these same images are not on the site right now, but we know sites can be updated faster than it takes to watch a Hawk’s basketball game. Correlating with this, make sure you request to see these images during the consultation which is a prerequisite anyways to obtain this treatment.

Setting Reasonable Expectations

KYBELLA Injectable Double Chin Reduction Before And After PhotosKybella injection providers encourage patients to get the procedure done with a positive mindset, clear cosmetic goals, and realistic expectations. Kybella double chin reduction ‘before and after’ images play an important role in helping patients set reasonable expectations. Patients develop a better understanding of the kind of contouring and submental fat reduction they can achieve after reviewing before and after pictures. They tend to make well-considered choices. Scope of future disappointment is also reduced since they know exactly what they are getting into. Patient satisfaction levels are found to be higher in cases where Kybella injection before and after images are shown by the treatment provider. Additionally, the plastic surgeon has the option to post the pictures online for showing to a wider audience. This is while maintaining patient confidentiality protocol. Dr. Colgrove would not have reached the pinnacle of success in his field if he did not believe in transparency. We may not see transparency in our celebrity circles or DC politicians but in the elective surgery realm transparency is vital. People who walk away from this clinic often return for treatment or surgery because of the care they received in their prior visit.

Combination of Text and Images

KYBELLA Injectable Double Chin Reduction Before And After PhotosIt is recommended to add a short descriptive text along with Kybella before and after images for explaining the double chin condition of a patient. The text should also explain the manner in which the injectable treatment met the unique requirements of the patient. It is easier for new patients to understand the benefits of a procedure when armed with images accompanied by succinct, clear, and informative text. Images are generally self-explanatory but a short description can define intricate aspects of the results.

Online Sharing of Images

Kybella injectable before and after images may be shown by the surgeon through one or more of the following digital means:
  • Website galleries: Creating a before and after image gallery on the practice website which are not there as already mentioned but we know it does take too long to put more images on a website.
  • Portfolio: Building an image portfolio for helping potential patients.
  • Blog posts: Adding pictures to blog posts for providing patients with visual evidence.
  • Social media: Social media posts can be complemented by adding images.
Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Robert Colgrove receives patients from Atlanta, Marietta, Georgia, and nearby areas for Kybella injectable double chin reduction treatment.

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