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Start the new year looking fresh and fabulous with these party-proof skincare tips:

  • One place stress can make an appearance is the eyes in the form of dark circles and puffiness. Dr. Colgrove recommends making sure you stay well hydrated, drinking 1 to 2 liters of water a day, as a way to keep eyes looking fresh and bright. Keeping alcohol and salt intake down (which can be a challenge this time of year with all the goodies everywhere), makes a big difference as well, reducing water retention.
  • Some existing skin conditions such as psoriasis, rosacea, acne and eczema can be exacerbated when the pressure it on. Check in with yourself often to measure how stressed you’re feeling. If you feel tension creeping in, take some time to give yourself the care and attention you need. Exercise, rest, quiet time and relaxing activities are important to incorporate balance into the hubbub of the festivities.
  • Be preventive. If you’re planning to attend or throw a bunch of parties, take some proactive steps to preserve your glow. Laser treatments can help, as can topical creams and serums, especially those with Vitamin C or retinol. Also switch to a richer, more emollient moisturizer for increased moisture.
  • If all that New Year’s merriment leaves you with puffy eyes the next morning, reach for a cold pack. Leave it in place for just a few minutes for quick, soothing relief.  Keep in mind sleeping with your head elevated can help minimize puffiness the next morning.

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You can find more great holiday skin-saving techniques in this article on WebMD.


Suffering with rosacea, or skin prone to redness and swelling, can be frustrating. One of the solutions to managing rosacea is to find out what specific factors are contributing to inflammation. An article by Melissa Schwarzchild, M.D. published in The Health Journal explains the triggers for rosacea and how to combat them. Heat is one of the most common triggers. Exposure to high temperatures outdoors will intensify your rosacea. Wearing hats and applying sunscreen daily is a good way to protect yourself.

Schwarzchild also notes the many sufferers of rosacea have sensitive skin. Using a mild cleanser and sticking to hypoallergenic facial creams and makeup also can aid in the prevention of further skin irritation. For a more permanent solution, Schwarzchild recommends rosacea patients turn to a cosmetic surgeon for laser treatments.

These gentle, quick procedures target broken capillaries and dilated blood vessels to will significantly reduce redness and create a more even skin tone. These types of treatments are available at Vinings Surgery Center, and specialists are on hand to answer any questions.

FotoFacial RF® treatment for Rosacea and More

FotoFacial RF® treatment applies a unique combination of controlled heat and light (Syneron® Aurora™ laser) to improve the appearance of age spots, freckles, and sun spots. This treatment can improve skin texture, reduce redness and rosacea symptoms, decrease the appearance of unwanted facial veins, and diminish the visibility of enlarged pores. FotoFacial RF® treatments must be performed in a cycle that corresponds with your body’s own rejuvenation processes with time in between treatments to allow your skin to heal itself.  Typically, FotoFacial RF® patients see the best skin rejuvenation results after a series of five treatments spaced one month apart.

Click here for more information on FotoFacial RF® treatments at Vinings Surgery Center and to view actual patient results.

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