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Spotlight on: Anita Zargar, RN, BSN

What she does at VSC: What keeps my job exciting is that each day is a little different. Mondays are predominantly for surgery re-checks and surgery consultations. On these days, I assist Dr. Colgrove with patient examinations in order to ensure they are progressing accordingly after surgery. Wednesdays are when most pre-operative appointments are done. I especially enjoy pre-ops because it allows an opportunity to further educate our patients with the knowledge they need regarding expectations during the day of surgery and after surgery. Lastly, on Fridays, I spend my day in the operating room helping Dr. Colgrove with surgery followed by monitoring my patient’s condition in the recovery room until they are ready to be discharged home.

Joined Vinings Surgery Center in: April of 2011

What she loves most about what she does:  I enjoy working with patients that are choosing to better their lives and attitudes by undertaking cosmetic surgery. I have the opportunity to build a relationship with my patients from the moment they walk in for their consultation until they have progressed through their post-operative appointments. It’s a rewarding feeling to be there for them every step of the way!

What  she hopes her clients gain from treatment: The perception of an individual is oftentimes a reflection of how they view themselves. With that said, my hope for patients is to transform their specific insecurity to confidence so they can channel it to their goals and successes. What I find the most rewarding in my work is to see patients return after surgery with renewed confidence!

Her biggest piece of advice for patients: Be open and confident about what you want to achieve with your desired look. At Vinings Surgery Center, we care about each one of our patients and want them to have the best experience possible.

What she does when she’s not working: I am currently in graduate school obtaining a master’s to one day become a family nurse practitioner. When I am not studying, I spend my time exercising and spending time with my friends and family.

Spotlight on: Tonya Brannon, RN, BSN

What she does at VSC: My main focus includes pre-op appointments, were I spend at least an hour with patients prior to surgery to discuss what they can expect the day of surgery, after the surgery and everything in between, including lab results, prescriptions, what to wear and address any questions or concerns they may have. I am also in the operating room with the patient during surgery and help patients recover until they are ready to go home.

Joined Vinings Surgery Center in: July 2007

What she loves most about what she does: Our patients have a choice and they chose us. So it is my responsibility to make sure every patient is as comfortable as possible through the entire process and make them feel confident in their decision.

What  she hopes her clients gain from treatment: No matter how small or big the procedure is, whether it is Botox or a tummy tuck, I want patients to enjoy the process of working with us, and most importantly LOVE the outcome so they can walk with their head held a little higher. Everyone is nervous when they come in, and that is OK! But we do this everyday and we are going to take care of you every step of the way. So sit back and enjoy the ride, because it is an exciting experience.

Favorite things to do for fun: I have a 1-year-old and a 4-year-old … I don’t have time for fun! They are my whole world, so I enjoy spending my days with them and quite time with my husband of 11 years. When I do have spare time I enjoy running.

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Spotlight on: Stephanie Graiser, RN (soon-to-be Stephanie Bauman, RN)

Role at Vinings Surgery Center: Mondays, I assist Dr. Colgrove in clinic day for all rechecks. Wednesdays, I perform pre-ops or work with the new patients in their consult. I spend Thursdays and Fridays in surgery. I enjoy being with the patient from the beginning during the consult all the way through to the surgery and then onto the recovery phase!

Joined the staff in: 2010, after being a patient in 2008.

What she loves most about what she does: After working on a neurology unit for 3 years, I love working at VSC because everyone is happy, healthy and wants to be there. I also really enjoy developing relationships with the patients and helping them feel comfortable while going through a life-enhancing process.

What she hopes patients gain: My hope for patients is for their embarrassing or bothersome areas to be transformed into confidence boosters. Patients often come in feeling nervous or self-conscious. By the time they are done healing after surgery, you can see they walk with their head a little higher and have a pep in their step!

Her biggest piece of advice: My biggest piece of advice for the patients is to bring your caregiver/spouse/friend to the consult and pre-op. It is very important for the caregiver to understand what the surgical and recovery process is to better know what to expect. Patients heal much better when they are thoroughly cared for and not made to feel guilty for going through with the surgery. Everyone needs a positive support system.

Favorite things to do for fun: I stay very active with working out, running, playing softball, tennis and flag football or just being outside. I enjoy going to church and participating in a small group. I love to spend time with my fiance, family and friends. I also stay very busy planning to marry my best friend this summer!

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